Tips to Applying for Nigeria Drivers License

Instructions on how to apply for a driver's license in Nigeria

You've just gotten off the flight in Nigeria and you're desperate to get behind the wheel! However, you will need to obtain a driver's license before you can start practicing your driving skills.

This all-inclusive guide will take you step-by-step through the procedures for applying for a driving licence in Nigeria, from the time you start collecting the necessary documents to the point where you take the necessary exams.

Tips to Applying for Nigeria Drivers License

Nigerian Drivers License Criteria

You wish to submit an application for a driver's license in Nigeria? You're in luck, that's for sure! We have all the information that you require right here in front of you.

In Nigeria, the following items must be shown before you can be issued a driver's license:

Documentation to establish one's identity (e.g. a passport)

Evidence of one's residence (e.g. a utility bill)

Evidence of your country of origin (e.g. a birth certificate)

If you already possess one, a copy of your driver's license from the country in which you were born Application fee

In addition to the requirements given above, you will also need to successfully complete a driving test, both written and practical, in order to get your license.

What are the many levels of a driver's license that may be obtained in Nigeria?


Motor vehicles that weigh less than three tons and do not qualify as motorcycles, taxis, stage carriages, or omnibuses are classified as class-motor vehicles.

a motor vehicle classified as Class A that has a gross weight of less than three tons and is not a motorbike.

Class-motor vehicle that is not a motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage, or omnibus; however, articulated vehicles that are pulling a trailer do not fall under this category.

a motor vehicle classified as a Class A, which is not a motorcycle or an articulated vehicle

Classification: Agricultural equipment, including tractors

Vehicles of the Articulated Class

Vehicle of the Earth-Moving Class

Class-Special accommodations made for those with physical impairments.

Driving in a convoy of the class- On a stream drive, this refers to the one who is responsible for driving a senior government official or political office bearer.

Instructions on How to Apply for a Driver's License in Nigeria

So, you want to submit an application for a driver's license in Nigeria? This all-inclusive guide will make the process as simple and trouble-free for you as it possibly can be.

You really ought to enroll in a driving school. On the website of the FRSC, you can see a list of all of the driving schools in Nigeria that have received certification.

To begin, it is necessary for you to compile the necessary paperwork. This includes your passport photo, your birth certificate, your residence permit, and any other documentation that verifies your current address.

After you have collected all of these important documents,

Complete the application for a driver's license that can be found online.

Visit the VIO in order to take your driving exam.

You can pay the license cost at the bank, online, or both.

Following that, verify that payment was made at the state BIR Office.

Proceed to the FRSC Officer located within the DLC in order to have your biometric data captured.

After that, you'll need to demonstrate your driving knowledge and skills on a written exam, which will focus on questions regarding traffic signs and general driving knowledge. If you do well on the written exam, you will be allowed to go to the next stage, which is the driving exam. The actual evaluation of your driving abilities will take place in this section. A driver's license will be awarded to you if you are successful on both of these examinations.

Helpful Advice for Passing the Driver's License Exam in Nigeria

The process of applying for a driver's license in Nigeria can be somewhat challenging. But there's no need to panic because we're here to assist you. In this piece, we will provide you with a list of seven helpful hints that will allow you to achieve an excellent score on the examination.

First and foremost, get familiar with the various traffic signs: In order to travel the roads without incident, you must be familiar with the meaning of each sign.

The second piece of advice is to get plenty of behind-the-wheel experience. The more confident you feel when you're driving, the better you'll do on the exam.

The third piece of advice is to familiarize yourself with the relevant traffic laws and ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of them.

Tip number four is to be aware of your surroundings. You should always be aware of what is going on around you and always be ready to take evasive action if it becomes necessary.

The test may be nerve-wracking, but it's important to keep in mind that it's just a test. Tip number 5: Remain calm and focused. Maintain as much composure as possible throughout the process.

Do not rush through it. The test is designed to be completed at a leisurely pace, so there is no reason to attempt to complete it in a hurried manner.

Use the practice exams as a reference point (Tip 7): The practice tests will prepare you for the real test by providing you with an idea of what to expect from it and how to approach it.

What to Do If You Don't Pass the Test to Get Your Driver's License in Nigeria

Don't worry, we're here to assist you in any way we can. First, center yourself by taking a few slow, deep breaths, and fight the urge to become overly disheartened. If you don't pass the test, it doesn't mean you're not qualified for the job; it just means you need to put in a little more effort when you study for the next one.

The following are some pointers that will assist you in preparing for your upcoming exam:

Practice. You will become a better driver the more you engage in the activity. You should experiment with a variety of practice exams until you reach a point where you are comfortable with your abilities.

Get yourself acquainted with the road signs and the regulations governing traffic in Nigeria.

Ensure that you are familiar with how to respond appropriately in a variety of driving scenarios.

Also, if you find yourself in a difficult situation while driving, the most important thing you can do is to keep your cool and not freak out.

What is the cost of getting a driver's license in Nigeria?

Are you curious about the price tag associated with obtaining a driver's license in Nigeria? You're not alone. As a result of the fact that a great number of individuals have inquiries concerning the procedure, we have compiled this detailed guide.

According to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), the price of a driver's license in Nigeria ranges between 12,000 and 15,000 Naira for a period of three years and five years, respectively, depending on the license class and the number of years it is valid for. This price is determined by the number of years it is valid for.

In Nigeria, how long does it take to receive a license to drive a vehicle?

If you give the officer at the DLC who oversees applications from the Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the VIO your application form or slip, they will give their approval to your request. Proceed to the FRSC Officer located in the DLC in order to have your biometric information collected. acquire a 60-day temporary driver's license. After a period of sixty days, you will need to go to the BIR office to retrieve your original driver's license.


The process of earning your driver's license is a significant accomplishment, and we are here to assist you in making it as simple and uncomplicated as possible. If you follow these easy instructions, you'll be behind the wheel of a car in no time.

Check that you satisfy all of the prerequisites in order to participate.

Collect all of the required documentation.

Please fill out the application in its entirety.

Please take the written examination.

Take and pass a driver's test.

Get in touch with the driver's licensing office in your area to pick up your license.

If you follow these instructions, obtaining your driver's license won't be as difficult as you might have thought.

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